Vital Care

Vital Care

Imagine a place where families can share meals and memories, joys and tears, heroic steps, and final moments – all in a setting that speaks of dignity, beauty, compassion, and respect.

Redcliffe Hospital Palliative Care Unit cares for patients nearing the end of life. This can be because of cancer, heart failure, or lung conditions. 

We need YOUR help to bring a “touch of home” to the Unit.  

Redcliffe Hospital would like to make the Unit even more modern and comfortable for those who need them most – this includes making them more child-friendly for the children and grandchildren of those in the hospital’s care, and providing an environment that fosters wellbeing and mental health.

Your support can help to not only improve our facilities for patients but also make the dedication of our clinicians even more effective through funding clinical education and healthcare research.

Knowing that you, your family, and your friends can always rely on receiving quality and professional healthcare at Redcliffe Hospital brings great confidence.

Imagine the impact of doing even more.

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