Refurb for Recovery

Refurb for Recovery

Redcliffe Hospital: a home away from home when you need it most.

When Mango Hill’s Eleanor felt her fingers start tingling last year, little did she realise she would end up completely paralysed and in Redcliffe Hospital for more than six months.

“All I could do was move my head. I couldn’t talk or even drink water. My immune system attacked the nerves in my cranium and didn’t stop,” said the 56-year-old proud grandmother.

Diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), Eleanor spent the first four months in Redcliffe Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit followed by another two and a half in Rehabilitation.

The Rehabilitation Unit is at the heart of Redcliffe Hospital and has a strong track record of providing quality care in an innovative way that supports the whole family. The Unit often cares for patients following a stroke or brain injury; orthopaedic conditions, including joint replacements and spinal surgery; loss of physical ability after sudden illness or injury; and longer-term chronic or complex conditions relating to ageing, disability and cognitive problems. The average stay for rehabilitation patients can be between three and four weeks. For stroke patients, the benchmark is five to six weeks.

Through Raise it for Redcliffe, you can play your part in helping our patients, like Eleanor, feel better about their time in hospital.  Help us make that time more comfortable and secure – less like a hospital and more like home.

Our wishlist of important projects to add “something extra” to the patient experience include lounge, sunroom, or courtyard makeovers – to make them more family-friendly, allowing patients to enjoy that precious and private time with those closest to them – and a covered walkway from the Rehabilitation Unit.

“We want to make these courtyard and lounge areas much more family-friendly, allowing patients to enjoy that precious and private time with those closest to them, including young children and even beloved pets.”

  Dr Catherine Yelland,
Medical Director, Medicine Service Line
Redcliffe Hospital

Today, Eleanor is again back and able to walk short distances, hold a conversation, brush her teeth and chop food for dinner – simple things she once took for granted.

“Redcliffe Hospital was my ‘home’ for more than 6 months. I have nothing but praise for all the staff, from the cleaners to the top doctors. They were there for not only me, but my husband and family.

Eleanor doesn’t know to what extent she’ll recover, and says, “We’re taking one day at a time, but the whole experience at Redcliffe Hospital was fantastic. The staff there are like my second family.”

“Today I can speak, walk, eat and spend time with my baby grandson. Every day is precious.”

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