Wishlist Grants

Wishlist Grants

The ‘Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital’ Wishlist projects are hospital initiatives which are modest in value but will deliver significant and tangible benefits to clinicians, support staff and the patients they care for.

 Similar projects which have been generously provided through community support include:

➢ A shade sail for Food Services & Nutrition staff

➢ Support for the Women’s and Newborns Bereavement Service

➢ Important ultrasound training support for junior doctors

➢ Support for Staff Wellness Committee initiatives

"My son Hunter and I would like to say thank you to Redcliffe Hospital for the Christmas gift he received during his stay just before Christmas last year. This gift was a highlight of Hunter's time in hospital while he was being treated for Acute Asthma. It’s a gift that he continues to play with and gives him lovely positive memories of a difficult time. Thank you all the hard-working staff and the generous donors that support Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital."

– Angela and 6 year old Hunter, Deception Bay

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